Entrance to the Edwards!

Next Race is Sat 20th Jan 2018 - Entry opens 1st June


The Homestead Half is a 20km high country fun run based on the Alpine Adventure/Mountainman run stage, with a bit extra added around the St James homestead paddocks and stock yards to bring the distance up to 20km.

The run will be open to anyone 13 years and over however anyone under 16 MUST BE accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for ensuring they are able to safely accomplish the two crossings of the Clarence River.

Course Record - Woman's: Michelle Watt 2:04:27 (2015), Men's: Mike Morrissey 1:51:34 (2015)

Average time: Womens 2:49:50, Mens 2:28:53, overall 2:40:36 . Average expected finish time - 1:10pm, earliest finish expected 12:15pm.

Race start 10:30am start with briefing at 10:20am.

Entry may be limited depending on Multisport numbers.

The run will start in the paddock behind the woolshed and will follow a marked course around the paddocks and stock yard before joining the multisport course and heading over to cross the Clarence River, from here runners will head up the river valley following the old transmission tower access tracks up toward the Edwards gate. Here runners will re-cross the Clarence River and enter the Edwards Valley. They will follow the 4x4 track over into the head of Peter’s Valley where they will follow the stock track back to the finish at the St James Homestead.

While there will not be any compulsory gear to carry, it is very strongly recommended that runner's carry some form of hydration of 2l capacity or more! There will be a mini aid station at Bull Gully (at approximately the 14.5km mark).







Race Start - Race briefing will be at 10:20am with the race start at 10:30am - all competitors must attend the briefing.

Competitors can normally expect very hot conditions (but can also be very cold) – be prepared and stay adequately hydrated.

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