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Next Race is Sat 19th Jan 2019 - ENTRY OPENS JUNE

The "James" Macpac Mountainman is an R18+ Open range event - there are no age group categories!

The "James" Mountainman Xtreme - Swim 2km, MTB 100km and high country run 50km.

Course record - Rob Lord 12:30:34 (2014)


Average time (overall) 14:53:32, average time into 2nd transition 2pm

Due to the need for an early start (Race briefing 5:40 am - race start 6am) competitors will be able to camp onsite at Lake Tennyson – there will be strict DoC rules in place. Briefing will be on the beach - be ready to start immediately after!
Competitors can expect very hot conditions – be prepared and stay adequately hydrated. There will be marshal stations at various points but this is remote country so all competitors will need to be self-sufficient i.e. you must carry enough food/liquid for a full day – all rivers & creeks should be ok to drink from directly.

In considering this event you should reasonably expect to complete the swim/kayak stage in no more than TWO hours and the MTB/run stages in no more than SEVEN hours each - 16 hours, maximum allowable time will be 16 hours. You must start your last run lap by 7:30pm with race cut off at 10pm. Check out this year’s times on the results page or if you're not sure, the Yeti recommends you complete the "James" Epic and The "James" Stampede Ultra as individual events before taking on the Mountainman!

The Swim stage is a 2km loop around the bottom (outlet end) of the lake and a full body suit is compulsory.

While the mountain bike course is not significantly technical, it is a 100 km of off road 4x4 tracks and stock tracks whose surfaces vary greatly. Riders must be comfortable crossing rivers with their bikes as they will have 5 main river crossings and 7 smaller river crossings as well as various creeks.

from the swim/kayak transition area riders will head out to the Top House road and head down to the Clarence bridge, after crossing the bridge they will turn right and follow the 4x4 track (think “Dual Single Track” - DST) to the top of Malings Pass, from where riders can enjoy a solid 5km downhill descent to the Waiau River.

From here the DST crosses the river and continues for a couple of km down the Waiau valley toward the historic Ada homestead. About half way toward the homestead at Matagouri Point, they will re-cross the Waiau and complete a loop out around Lake Guyon to the Stanley Vale and back, to complete their 3rd crossing of the Waiau, to rejoin the DST.

Following the DST around below the homestead, riders will then travel up the Ada valley to a point around the confluence of the Ada and Christopher rivers, before riding back down the valley to cross the lower Ada flat and Ada River to enter the lower Henry valley.

Travelling up the Henry, riders will complete their final in-out loop, riding up the Henry to the old Anne hut site, before returning back down the valley, where they will then cross the Henry River for the 3rd and final time. From here riders follow the main stock track down the Waiau and across the (lower) swing-bridge.

Joining the DST, riders will climb up the Waiau terraces and up over Charlie’s saddle to head up the Edwards valley to exit out through the Edwards gate onto the Clarence road. From here riders will follow the road back to the finish at St James homestead.

After completing transition, runners will start the 50 km high country run with the first (of 3) loop of the 17 km Alpine Adventure run.

Leaving the transition runners will travel around below the St James Homestead to cross the Clarence River; from here they will run up the river valley following the old transmission tower access tracks up to the Edwards gate.

Here runners will re-cross the Clarence River and enter the Edwards Valley. They will follow the 4x4 track over into the head of Peter’s Valley where they will follow the stock track back to the finish at the St James Homestead.


Click HERE to download a PDF version.


MTB Stage

Mountain run stage


GPS TRACKING - Compulsory Spot GPS trackers (http://www.spotnz.com/spotG3.html) are INCLUDED in your entry fee - These are live trackers so all your mates can watch your progress online at home.

Competitors can expect very hot conditions – be prepared and stay adequately hydrated. There will be marshal stations at various points (including three major stations on the MTB stage, with EM's goodies, R-Line, water, banana's, sunscreen & crampstop) but this is remote country so all competitors will need to be self-sufficient – all rivers & creeks should be ok to drink from directly. You will come through transition twice on the run.

All competitors will be required to carry a minimum amount of safety/emergency gear – it can go from hot sun to heavy snow in a matter of hours even in the height of summer. By preference race organisers require all riders to use hydration packs and not water bottles – these are too often lost/dropped from bikes and left on the track. As with any littering any competitor caught dropping rubbish will be intantly disqualified.

All Competitors must attend the race brief at 5:40 am - All bikes & gear should be in place in the 1st transition area before this!. Solo competitors are required to have one nominated support crew who will be responsible for their gear (including placement of gear in the transition zone) and shall have access to the transition zones for that purpose and to assist the competitor if required. No other people will be allowed in any of the transition zones! Anyone who is unable to meet these conditions should notify The Yeti (theyeti@stjamesmountainsports.co.nz) to make other arrangements.

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