• Where do I find the Registration site?

    Registration (& prize giving Sun from 10:30am) will be from 4:30pm - 10pm Friday evening ( of race weekend) at the Hanmer Springs Memorial Hall (adjoining the library) in the center of Hanmer Springs township. If you are unable to make registration please contact The Yeti directly - theyeti@stjamesmountainsports.co.nz

  • How long have I got to enter?

    Entry will close one week prior to race day. Late entry requests after this must be made to the race director via theyeti@stjamesmountainsports.co.nz.
    In order to secure a finishers engraved dog whistle and personalised number plate (plus other goodies) you must complete your entry by December 20th!

  • is there a compulsory gear list?

    Yes, you can find it here - Gear List, located below the rules and entry terms & conditions.
    While large, a call may be made at race briefing to reduce the list depending on weather. You must how ever have all items at briefing.

  • spot 3
    spot 3

    is there live tracking of my race available?

    Yes, for all Mountainman and High Country 100 competitors live trackers are compulsory and included in the entry fee.
    For all others who wish to have live tracking, you can order a spot tracker from the team at Spot NZ (http://www.spotnz.com/spotG3.html)cost is $75.

  • How do I check my entry has been confirmed?

    You can find your entry on the RESULTS page - be sure to select the correct year. Your entry is confirmed by the allocation of your race number.

  • Can I get a refund if I am unable to make it on race day and need to cancel my entry.

    withdrawals prior to December 15th will be refunded minus a $25 administration fee (at the organisers discretion), but there are strictly no refunds after December 15th. Up to January 16th entries may however be transferred to another competitor (upon advising the organisers) or transferred to the following year.

  • where does my race start and what time?

    High Country 100 - Fowlers Camp at 5am
    Mountainman - Lake Tennyson at 6am - briefing on the beach 5:45!
    Stampede - Fowlers Camp at 7am
    Alpine Adventure - Lake Tennyson at 8am - briefing on the beach
    Epic - Lake Tennyson at 8:30am
    Pony Express - Lake Tennyson at 9:30am
    Homestead Half - St James Homestead at 11am

  • Will there be any transport available between the start and finish area's?

    Contact either Hanmer Adventures who can provide transport from the finish area at the St James Homestead to your start area (not suitable for the multisport competitors). Please book directly with them - http://www.hanmeradventure.co.nz/

  • Aid stations
    Aid stations

    I know I have to be reasonably self sufficient but what will be available on course?

    There will be three main aid stations (Stanley Vale, The Zig-zag and Charlies Saddle) check out the map for your race on the website to see where these are in relation to your route.
    All competitors will pass at least two of these, with the Epic passing three and the Mountainman five.
    Each aid station will have water & R-Line (for refilling hydration packs etc), EM's power cookies, bars and minibites, banana's, sunscreen, & crampstop as well as first aid kits.

  • Registration to St James
    Registration to St James

    Whats the best route to St James?

    The main route from Hanmer Springs is over Jacks Pass via Clarence Valley Rd. The Turn off is almost opposite the registration site on Jacks Pass rd.
    Travel over Jacks Pass and take the left hand road when you hit the Clarence - heading up the valley to St James. Note the road is gravel.

  • EmSand2

    What advice do you offer to newcomers to these events?

    Try to hook up with friends to help with your training to get ideas, and also to have some companionship to help with your motivation. Going on training sessions with local clubs and groups is a great way to meet like-minded people and more often or not you will have a chance to talk to others about what races they have done and get some ideas and tips from more experienced athletes. Sometimes professional athletes give seminars and this is a great way to learn more from the pros. Or race-organizers may also organize sessions specific to their events so these would definitely be a good thing to attend! One word of caution: be aware that not all advice may suit you so make sure you take all advice (especially from “punters”) with a grain of salt and adapt ideas to suit your own needs! - Emily Miazga (EM's Power Cookies)

    The St James is a very long race, so one of the key's to success is good pacing. If you start to fast and blow up mid race, then it will be total misery! Start at a realistic pace and try to find others riding at a similar speed. Its much more fun to ride with others and if you get to the last kilometres together you can start the attacks then. Also, these events rely on good camaraderie between the riders. If someone near you punctures or crashes, please stop and offer your assistance. Like this everyone can finish the day feeling stoked and perhaps even with some new friends.- Kashi Leuchs

  • 20101119Wanaka2

    What kind of training should I be doing?

    This really depends on what the objectives are. If the goal is to go for the win, then a really structured training programme with both long hours (20-30hrs per week would be standard) and also specific high intensity intervals would be needed. If the goal is just to finish and not suffer too much, then it would be important to have a good base fitness and some experience with long MTB rides of over 5-6 hours. - Kashi Leuchs

    It is a good idea to do a mix of training across whatever disciplines the event comprises, i.e. swimming/kayaking, trail running and biking. A good level of base fitness is a good start, 6 months prior but then for the 2-3 months before the event it is a good idea to add some harder sessions, even with some interval training to develop speed and anaerobic threshold, and also do some long sessions to help develop endurance. In the last 1-2 months before the event try to incorporate some course-specific work such as running on rocks or technical trails, or improving your mtn biking skills! Also this is a good time to make sure your nutrition plan is sorted, so you know how much to eat and drink, depending on the duration of the event. For events longer than 2-3 hours you really need to plan to have real food (Em’s Power Cookies – my secret weapon). But for shorter races < 2hrs you can get away with a good sports drink, nuun water (electrolyte replacement tabs added to water) and energy gels. - Emily Miazga (EM's Power Cookies)

  • Is it compulsory to camp at Lake Tennyson on the Fri prior to race day?

    No, it's not compulsory however the Yeti strongly recommends that all competitors in either of the multisport races do so, given the unpredictable road conditions and traffic this is the safest option to ensure that your bike & gear (for the Macpac Mountainman) is in place in the transition zone by the 5:30 am cutoff and that you do not miss your 5:40 am race briefing and 6 am start. The Yeti also encourages competitors in the other races to do so too.
    Check out your nearest Macpac store or online for all your camping needs!

  • What are the rules for camping at Lake Tennyson?

    Camping is freely available at Lake Tennyson at any time, for general DoC rules CLICK HERE
    As part of the event concession we will have a site management plan for Lake Tennyson which includes provision for camping beyond those already on the DoC website. The general DoC rules will apply and the Total Fire ban will be strictly enforced - The Yeti will however, endeavour to bring his BBQ for cooking and hot water etc
    Any other restrictions etc will be posted as required.

  • Dog horse stock
    Dog horse stock

    Is there a team’s option for the MTB races?

    No. The course layout does not provide the opportunity for a relay style team option. There may be a “total time” based team option in the future.

  • Is there a team’s option for the Stampede Ultra race?

    No. The course layout does not provide the opportunity for a relay style team option. There may be a “total time” based team option in the future.

  • Are drink bottles banned for use on mountainbikes?

    No but hydration packs are the preferred option of the event organisers as drink bottles often fall from bikes creating a litter problem.

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